The Miracle of Reading

My grandmother once told me that only the wise read, and only those who read are wise.  My grandma is a gold mine of clichés and old sayings, like, a bird in the hand is worth two in the bush.  What the heck does that mean?  Does anyone really know?  Well anyway between all the words of wisdom she would spout out something that actually held a lot of meaning.  That is just one of the many crazy things about her. I found this poster a while ago and saved it because it reminded me of so much of my grandma’s saying.

poster reader lives a thousand

But back to my thesis statement here, I have always found that saying to be quite true.  Fortunately for me I have always been a reader, whether I am wise or not has yet to be determined.  So what is the meaning of all this you ask?  Well let me break it down for you in laymen’s terms.  READ!!

Yup, that’s what this blog post is all about.  Too often now-a-days what with the online and the television and the games from the video (yes that is how my grandmother refers to technology) we lose sight of the basic stuff, the stuff that makes all that other fancy shmancy stuff possible.  There is nothing like picking up a fresh book and opening it up for the first time.  Anticipation flowing though you and that moment when you are caught and just can’t for the life of you put that book down.

Let me tell you a little story young padawans, once upon a time (or about 3 years ago), I was 24 years old and spent all my time at the local hangout, Borders book store. Okay, okay it wasn’t the local hangout, I was a nerd okay?  Is that what you wanted! Jeesh, cant keep anything from anyone these days.  So there I was one day sipping my usual iced vanilla latte and going through the stack of books I planned on buying that day. When I noticed the store clerk put up a “going out of business” sign.  Immediately I set down my coffee and walked over to the clerk to ask what was going on.  To my horror she tells me that Borders is closing down, and not just my wonderful two level Borders with a balcony over looking the city, but all Borders everywhere.  Keep in mind people, I loved this store more than my mother and spent A LOT of my time there.

Anyway long story short, I cried for days.  No really I did, this is not over dramatized (okay maybe a little).  But seriously it did depress me for awhile and still does to this day.  And why you ask?  Why do I still have such a crazy connection to this random book store?  The answer is simple.  When I went to Borders and picked out the books I would read for the next week or two, (I am a fast reader) I would get such a feeling of joy.  Those stories would provide me with the escape that I needed from the stress of school or work, from the parts of life that were boring to me or that I wanted to avoid. But more than that, the reason I still read every day, is that I have learned more from reading than I have from my college education.  And that isn’t a bad thing, it is just reality.  Books are the real fountain of youth, they keep you up to date and no matter how far from reality a story can be, it still has meaning.

So that is what I wanted to share with you all today.  The power of reading is nothing to take for granted and if you haven’t experienced it yet, I ask that you do one thing for me.  Find a book (it doesn’t matter which one) and head to a quiet spot.  Then pry open the book (no matter how dusty it is) and start reading.  Lose yourself in the story being told to you, because every book no mater the genre is telling a story.

"In Search of Identity: Three of 2013's Best Translated Novels" were chosen by Juan Vidal for NPR Books.

Well boys and girls I think I have dropped enough knowledge for today 😉 As always I thank you for reading and wish you well with everything you do.  Until next time, remember to keep your everyday charming. :*

Life As We Know It

Hi everyone!

It’s 9:30 p.m. (eastern time) here in Michigan.  Bryan and I are settling in for the evening, watching some Tigers baseball, GO TIGERS (sorry I had to).  It’s actually really weird here right now because our little Summer is getting spayed and is at the vet for the night so our house feels completely empty! If you didn’t read the About Me page, Summer is my dog but she is more like my baby.  I had to drop her off this morning for surgery and I cried, multiple times.  Yes, I am that dog owner.  But I can’t help it.  We have spent a very limited time away from each other and the few times we have, it has been nothing but heartache.  Thankfully I will be picking her up in the morning as soon as they open.

Although I have nothing tangible to share with you tonight, I would like to share something I learned a few weeks ago that has had an affect on me and I hope it would do the same for you as well!  These days people have so much going on that it is causing major stress problems.  Believe it or not stress can have a huge impact on your health and mental well being.  So what can we do about it?  I saw this awesome pin on Pinterest a few weeks ago that discussed the benefits of mental planning.  What is mental planning you ask?  Well, it can be as simple as mentally going over your goals for a day, or giving yourself a mental pep talk (and that’s just skimming the surface).

Because of this newly learned information, I have started a morning routine for the past few weeks and it has really been helping me organize and better plan my day (without the stress).  Here is the gist, by the way you’ll soon find out that I am a step by step type of girl.

Step 1:  When you wake up, before the morning shower and other routines, drink a glass of cool water.  I know this sounds odd but believe it or not, a glass of water in the morning can help you focus and can wake you up even more than a cup of Joe can.  (Whoa whoa calm down, no one said you couldn’t have your coffee).

Step 2: Grab you’re coffee (see, as promised) and head to your favorite spot in the house, the place where you can get just one moment of peace.  For me that would be my back porch.

Step 3: While you are sipping on your coffee think of the three most important goals you have for the day.  That’s it.  Only three.  We make the mistake of thinking we must get everything done all in one day, and because we are so stressed we end up getting little to nothing done.  This is a recipe for disaster, no matter how awesome you are at multi-tasking.  Just learn to take it three at a time and before you know it you will be less stressed out and accomplish everything you need to (without the worry).

I found this on Pinterest (yes I am addicted, no I don’t need a support group) and thought it was worth sharing.  For some reason this country has taught us to believe that taking breaks=laziness.  This is completely untrue, in fact breaks not only help us refocus but they actually give us the boost we need to come back to a project with more motivation then we had before.  So remember, breaks are not illegal, but should be encouraged.

Finding ways to reduce stress #RxWiki The impact and importance of Communal Healing   Image credit goes to Katherine A.

My main point?  Slow down, mentally plan, and take more breaks.  By doing these things you will ditch the stress and grab a hold of your confidence.  Remember, you are awesome!  You just need to believe it.  Well, that’s it for tonight.  As always, thanks for reading and remember to keep your everyday charming!