The Everyday Charming is a blog created for the purpose of sharing the parts of life that make the everyday, daily or mundane of life…how should I put this…charming!

Do you ever cook dinner and put together the meal and say to yourself, hey this is pretty great!  Well I do.  And maybe that makes me weird but it also bring a lot of joy into my life.  The Everyday Charming is about realizing that what we do everyday has meaning and can be awesome if we want it to be.

Every week I will share with you something I did or created that I think is neat and want to share with all of you.  You are welcome to copy anything and in fact I will always show you (in detail)  what I did to create such a masterpiece (wow I being super optimistic today).

So invite your friends and family, anyone who you think might enjoy sharing the parts of life that makes us smile.


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